About Us

Slumberland brand started in United Kingdom in the year 1919, it is a leading premium mattress brand in South East Asia with 37 years of presence in Malaysia, the brand is celebrating its centenary, 100th year anniversary in 2019.

Over the years, Slumberland has strived to innovate on its bedding products with products features that benefits and adds values to consumers. Among the famous innovative mattress range from Slumberland are TempSmart series, Ritz Comfort Series and Far Infrared Ray (FIR) mattresses. TempSmart mattresses have a unique micro-temperature regulating feature that can give us a balance and consistent sleeping comfort for whole night.

Other than that, Slumberland also introduced SlumberKIDs range with its world-famous Posture Springing System, giving good back support for both adults and young children. Slumberland mattresses are not only supplied to the retail market but also supplied to famous hotels around the world.